Pensioner and Caregiver at Rainbow Lane Age Cottage,  Martha Dickson was born on the 1st December 1938 in Bo-Kaap, she then moved to District Six. She has been residing at rainbow Lane for 17 years and for the past 10 years she has been a caregiver.

Many years years ago, she was introduced to Armeen Gallant and family by the late Fatima Sadulla (Caregiver at Rainbow Lane). Since that first introduction Armeen Gallant and team has only expressed lots of Love and Kindness towards the aged / pensioners. The highlight of our year is attending the Annual Pensioners Lunch hosted by Armeen Gallant and family, here we are treated to a 3 course ,meal, good entertainment and gifts. We are invited to all events and functions, which Armeen Gallant organises including High Teas.


Shukran to Zenobia (Prima Glass) who so kindly and beautifully decorated our table at the last High Tea. A big Shukran also to Fatima Harris ( a member of “Humanity is our Life”) for inviting us to the High Tea.

Thank you so very much to Armeen Gallant and team for making us the recipients of their Soup Kitchen. We at Rainbow Lane appreciate and bless Armeen Gallant and his team for his great effort, kindness and love they display towards us the pensioners.


Mariam Macbeath

On the 5th October 1946, Mariam was born in Springs, in the old Transvaal. At the age of 6 she and her parents moved to Durban. There she attended Addington Special School and later she worked as a nurse at Addington Hospital.

In 1995 she and her mom moved to Vredehoek, Cape Town where her mom later died. In 2008 she embraced Islam. She was a resident of Beitul-Amaan for 4 years, then she moved to Rainbow Lane Old Age Cottages.

It is here that she met Armeen Gallant and family. She would like to thank Armeen for his kindness, love and respect and to his organisation.

Thank you for always trying your utmost to always entertain us and keep us in your thoughts when you have all these events and functions. I cannot express my gratitude towards you and your team for always caring and loving the aged and pensioners so unconditionally.