IRFA, We’re so humbled by the great generosity you have shown by donating 25 tickets   for the women and children at Ihata shelter. Thank you for choosing IHATA Shelter as a beneficiary for your donation. 

NOAH, We sincerely thank you for affording our residents of NOAH homes the opportunity to experience firsthand the amazing live show-off Your to Legends at the Baxter Theatre on Tuesday night.

Saartjie Baartman Centre, We would like to thank AG Promotions for the donation of 25 tickets, to go see the show at the Baxter Theatre. We really appreciate you thinking of us and would like to tell you what a difference your donation of tickets is to the ladies, as for many it will be the first time they went to see a show at the Baxter Theatre.

On behalf of our organisation, we wish to express our sincere gratitude to you for your generous donation of 25 tickets to the the residents of Beit-Ul-Aman. We are indeed grateful to you for assisting us in our efforts to make the twilight years of the Aged in our care more pleasant and enjoyable.

May your work always be blessed and may abundance follow you from one month to the next.