AG Promotions Company does not only promote and create stages for local artists; it has a special project which benefits from all its Productions: Humanity is our Life is the cooking side of things and feeding skin.

Armeen Gallant as the Founder says this Community based Programme reaches out to the disadvantaged Youth and Aged in the broader Cape Town areas.

Humanity is our life is a community organisation which offers a helping hand to disadvantaged youth and elderly in the city, Proceeds from the Production called “Braudes Youth to Legends Celebration” happening the 24th – 29th June at Baxter Theatre will go toward raising funds for our cooking in the community, schools and pensioners homes. The annual pensioner’s lunch – an event held to treat the elderly and to contribute to cooking food for people from poverty stricken areas around the city.

Humanity is our life is a non-profit company run by Armeen and Lemiez Gallant. It was started 10 years ago when Mr Gallant decided that he wanted to give back to the community full- time.

“I was one of the founding members of 169 nightclub in Long Street, and was working in the show business, as he is a musician himself – he sings and plays percussion’s. “I started in a band called Fever, but I was involved in many aspects of shows, beauty pageants and concerts.” Humanity is Our Life followed soon after, and was registered as a non-profit company 3 years ago.”

The organisation offers youth skills and do motivational talks at schools in disadvantaged areas, and offer them voice training, arts and crafts, as well as computer literacy training. They also arrange outings, high teas, eat and treats and offer to help them seek alternative accommodation.

“Sometimes people leave their mothers or grandmothers at old age homes and they get lonely, so we take them out to events and we entertain them and give them food,” said Mr Gallant.

While the organisation mainly deals with endangered youth and elderly, Mr Gallant said they are there for everyone who needs their assistance, “Sometimes community members as us to reach out to their children who are on drugs and we try to talk to them. We also try to find new talent and help them get into the industry,”

Also, three times a week, they take pots of food into the communities and provide meals to the children, elderly and people who cannot afford a meal. The meals are sometimes donated, and sometimes Ms Gallant cooks the food herself. They also distribute loaves of bread to those who need it, and in winter, soup and bread to those is handed out in communities.

Mrs Gallant is the backbone of the organisation, she ensures that everything is organised and that the events run smoothly. Ms Gallant is also part of an organisation called Ghost busters, which helps people who are on drug addicts get into rehabilitation programmes. While the organisation receives no government funding, Mr Gallant said they has sponsors who helped them to meet their goals.

Sasha Fredericks has recently jumped on board with this event and initiative, she worked with Mr Gallant as Marketing Manager at 169 on Long. She is the Marketing Manager for AG promotions & Humanity is our Life. She started in the entertainment industry when she was 18 years old managing artists to teaching modelling and confidence classes to all youth of all ages. She has choreographed Fashion shows & Pageants like the Mr & Miss Mardi gras 2016 to providing entertainment for events/festivals like Winter Wonderland, Mardi Gras, Fire & Ice NYE, Malay Coons Festival/Event annually. She has 8 years’ experience and absolutely loves everything arts and culture.

“When we have a fundraiser, our sponsors help us pay for the event by contributing to a portion of the expenses. We are very grateful to everyone who has helped us get through 2019 so far”. Tickets are R150 for all 5 nights starting Monday – Wednesday and Friday – Saturday. Tickets Available at web tickets:” Youth to Legends Celebration “